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Profiting Your Business at the...

Speed of $wipe!


That's Right! But don't take our word for it...
Listen to what our business owners are saying:

Bizzash.cash will eliminate up to 
100% of YOUR processing expenses!


Our custom system and software combination provides you with a legally patented 100% Compliant - "Cash Discount" Solution.

The program works similar to a gas station; where
customers pay more per gallon when paying with
a debit/credit card than paying with cash. 

Similarly with Bizzash.cash, when paying with a credit/debit card...a small service fee is added to each sale and paid directly to the card issuers: Visa, MC, AMEX & Discover. 

And, like gas stations, customers can avoid paying the service fee by paying cash!

Bizzash "Cash Discount" is available in all 
50 states and to the 
majority of business types:  retail, mobile, online, Mail/Phone order and via virtual terminal & e-billing.

"Unlimited" Transactions... Only $1.00 a Day!

Guaranteed Next Day Funding!

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When it comes to credit/debit card sales, most business owners accept that they have to pay processing fees as a cost of doing business.  
Not any More!


As a result, business owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce or eliminate their processing costs.
Look No More!

pay (2).png

Eliminating your processing fees is 

"as easy as 1.2.3"

1.  Total your last 3 months processing expenses.

2.  If you paid more than $30.00/per month...



STOP Paying for your Customers Credit Card Rewards!

Right Again!  The fees YOU PAY for accepting credit cards...pay for your customers rewards programs.  These charges, referred to as "Interchange Fees" are the chief driver behind credit card revenues and the fuel that ignites rewards programs.

Interchange fees are higher in the United States than in most other countries around the world. 

The Federal Reserve Bank has reported that the average Merchant in the U.S. pays approximately 1.73% of each credit card sale to the card issuers (Visa/MC/Amex/Discover), the card networks and other entities that manage rewards transactions. 

rIt's time your customers pay for their own vacations and rewards.